The Mosaic Festival


The 2015 Mosaic Festival, supported in part by Church World Service, Show of Hands, and Dance From Above, proved yet again to be an exuberant and fruitful celebration. The renowned event’s aim, to encourage appreciation of cultural diversity in the Greensboro area through music and exotic food, generated a healthy turnout of over five hundred patrons and volunteers despite a last minute location change to the Carolina Theater due to weather conditions. The musical artists who contributed to the event’s success through both domestic and foreign genres were !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Little People, Sinkane DJ Set, Quilla, and Ismo One. Meanwhile Taste of Jamaica, Taste of Ethiopia, and Koseli generously provided a range of traditional folk foods for a global feel. In addition, our volunteer Voter Registration Team was able to break past records, registering over sixty new individuals! Here at CWS, we are greatly thankful to everyone who supported the night’s atmosphere through their attendance and hope that those who missed out will be able to attend next year’s Festival.